Become an external travel consultant without leaving your job!


An outside travel agent (advisor) is someone who does the same work as an agent in an agency, but from the house. He can work on his own schedule, at his own pace. You must see to satisfy your customers by selling them the product best suited to their tastes and needs. It’s a research job. The agent must keep abreast of any new or changes in the field. Continuing education is necessary after basic training. It is estimated that in Quebec in the early 1990s there were more than 3,000 travel counselors working for more than 1,000 agencies, from 2009 to date the figure has exploded with our publicly offered training to exceed 12,000 travel counselors.  

The training offered by is the only school to offer a course to become an external travel consultant without exception and is throughout the Quebec travel industry, to be a COMPLETE training without additional supplement for continuing education or other up to date. In addition to offering you 100% mobile training on your smart phones as well as Android and iPad tablets. We have been training Travel Advisors since 2009 and since then we have trained 20% of all travel counselors in Quebec, 65% externally (from home), we are always copied butNEVER EQUAL ! Even our site content and manuals are copied without our knowledge. We are the first and only school in Canada to offer a mobile app to help you stay up-to-date.




About Acadé, l was FIRST school to become external travel consultant, was founded in 2009 by Edvin Cerimagic, instigated the training of counselors (external agents). Founder, agency marketing director, accompanist, speaker but first of all a senior travel advisor since his beginnings in the Quebec travel industry.

Mentioned for 5 years in a row with the honors of express journeys as « Travel Advisor of the Year » and most recently  « Personality of the Year »  at the end of 2013, 2015 and 2016 . Not to mention all his participation in numerous galas, and the prizes won at the head of a dynamic team. It should also be mentioned that he is recognized for his participation in the best seller categories of several cruise lines and various suppliers, not forgetting, in 2013, the Entrepreneur of the Year award.


travelacademy the # 1 school in Quebec

To date, the # 1 school in Quebec has more than  2800 students in private and self-taught training courses throughout the province of Quebec. 

She is the most important job creator in the travel industry. 95% of our students work for a travel agency as external advisors (from home), the remaining 5% are either internal or have never applied for a job and have followed our training for the simple pleasure .

From the beginning, the mission remains unchanged: to provide the most suitable tool for travel agencies throughout Quebec and the perfect opportunity for people to become travel agents without leaving their jobs.

Several agencies have expressed the desire to hire consultants working from home at their lost time to supplement their income.

This is the primary reason for our customers’ satisfaction with the skills and experiences that can be found at the teachers.

The training offered by is the only one, in the entire Quebec travel industry, to be a COMPLETE training without additional supplement for updates. We have been  « travel consultants » since 2009 and since then we have always been copied but never equaled

The is not only a training school but creative . A portal that helps the travel industry and its 12,000 travel counselors learn about individuals trying to defraud them.

– The passion becomes reality; get paid for VOYAGER!

Founder & Training Director